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Bare Naked Truth Series - Size that bra !

February 21, 2017 2 min read

I am not going to lie to you, buying a bra in size DDD+ can be a daunting experience, regardless where the purchase is made it can turn into a pain in the arse.

Let's start with mortar and brick stores. Most of the time the selection is limited in your size. If you find 4-5 bras in your size that fit you well, consider yourself lucky. On a happy note you can try it on and you have a qualified bra fitter available to you to deal and correct any issues you might face when buying a bra.

Online retailers will carry larger inventories, however you cannot touch, experience or try the bra on without paying for it. On the plus side, you can shop from anywhere, anytime.

Add to the mix inconsistent sizing systems, different styles, different materials, different bodies. You are left confused, lost in a Big Bra World.

Let's start with inconsistent sizing. It comes down to history: imperial and metric systems cause different grading in bra manufacturing processes.

Different forms (styles and cuts used in bra making ) and using different materials cause slight variations in fit. The same size in one style will fit, while another will not fit. This is a more pronounced issue for fuller breasts.

Breasts are as complicated as we are. There is an array of different types of breasts from wide to narrow, separated to wide set. Women can have high or low roots. Breasts can be round, cone like, perky or going south. The list goes on. Different fat content and placement (no pun intended) and aging all matters when it comes to sizing and the right fit.

How do we find ourselves in this complicated world of lingerie fitting ?  It is not easy.

Key points : learn the basics, experiment with different styles, embrace yourself !

First get the tape measure. Measure yourself. Follow these instructions. Try on different bras. See how they fit. You are the only one who will own it and have to live with it.  You want to feel comfortable, supported and sexy.

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