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Bra Longevity Reality Vs. Expectations.

August 19, 2018 1 min read

We realize that bras might be expensive for some of you and given the price the expectation is that that they should last forever. Which is not necessarily the case. How long the bra will last will depend on many factors :
➡️how often you wear it
➡️what is your cup/band size (larger sized bras need to work harder)
➡️how do you wash your bras
➡️how you put it on and take it off (try to be gentle)
You should have at least 2 - 3 bras to rotate them
This way the bra can "rest" and go back to the original state.
Washing bras of course takes a toll on the bras as well. You should either wash them by hand and hang them to dry or wash them in the bra bag✴️clean white sock will do the trick too✴️
The larger cup/band combination the harder the bra has to work. So don't be surprised that your girlfriend's bra who wears 32D will last longer than yours 40G.
How long on average your bras lasts ? and what is your cup/band size combination ?

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