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Size Guide

This chart applies to all bras sold on our website. Please keep in mind that the bra style and materials will affect how the bra fits. Any weight fluctuations, muscle gain, pregnancy will affect your measurements. Your personal preferences will have an effect on the band size (very tight/tight/more relaxed). Remember no two breasts are the same not even yours ! Usually one breast is larger than the other one. 

We recommend that you take your measurements every time you place an order for a bra online.

You can find your bra size by measuring your under-bust (band size) and over-bust( fullest part of your bust )

  • Wear a well fitted, non padded bra. Have a tape measure handy.
  • When you measure your under-bust, place the tape measure firmly around your chest and let it rest just under your bust, making sure that the tape is lying flat across your back. Pull it snug and measure. This is your band size. Next find your actual measurements in the table under the Band Size. Bras stretch and the band provides most of the support to your bust.
  • When you measure your over-bust measure yourself loosely. Place the tape measure around your chest and let it rest on the fullest part of your bust. Do  not forget to keep the tape lying flat against your back
  • Place the tape measure around your  chest, but this time let it rest on the fullest part ofyour bust (overbust) – not forgetting to keep the tape lying flat against your back. Make a note of your measurement in inches.
  • Match the band size (under bust measurements)  with your over-bust measurement to find your cup size. Now your ready to order.
  • If you are not sure of the fit your can contact us at support@polkadotbra.ca or you can order one style in two or more sizes ; we offer a flat shipping. Remember with the sister sizes : a smaller band requires a bigger cup.
  • Example : underbust measures 31 inches, overbust 39.5 inches. According to the table below the size which should be ordered is 34G
  • Signs of well fitted bra : tacking gore (center of the bra - bridge lies flat against your sternum), wires embrace your breast without cutting into the flesh, straps do not dig into your flesh leaving red marks or slide down), no bulges on the sides, no spillage over on the top.
Size chart


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