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Technical Series - C-Shaped Wires & Silver Antibacterial Protection

September 11, 2016 1 min read

 The majority of bras have wires. Wires can be of different shapes, lengths and made out of different materials.

Many bras sold on our website (mostly push up types) feature wires referred to as C - Shape wires.

They have two coats of PET and zinc. Thanks to the coating these wires do not corrode, don't squeak and they last longer. 

They are very elastic and easily adapt to different body shapes and different forms (styles of bras).

C-Shaped wires are safe, comfortable and double coated to prevent squeaking.

Our underwear features Silver Antibacterial Protection material. These panties and thongs contain active antimicrobial substances. They are integrated into the fibre Therefore the substances cannot be washed out. They prevent build up of bad bacteria and odours. They are eco friendly too, while they will leave you feeling fresh all day. 


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