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Let's talk about mature breasts

April 17, 2018 1 min read

Mother's Day is coming soon, so I thought we should talk about mature breasts. Let's focus on breasts of women who are over sixty (60 years young!).
Our breast are made out of glandular tissue (that produces milk) and fatty tissue. As we age, the breast tissue becomes more fatty and less glandular, this causing an increase in breast size, but also sagging (our skin looses elasticity).
Shopping for bras when you are mature can be more challenging for some women as styles and sizes which worked before, now might not fit or will look different.
For mature breast, I recommend always a multi-part bra, that are either full cups or soft bras with side support. Full cups are higher and provide full coverage while still uplifting the breasts. Soft bras will adjust to your breasts giving a more natural shape and will be very comfortable. Some pushups for larger cups will also provide good coverage and great uplift.

Here are some examples of our bras that work great mature breasts - BonjourPush up Bra, Anna push up bra and Turquoise soft bra.

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