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Technical Series - Making of a Bra - From Idea to the Rack

December 06, 2016 1 min read

Before THE BRA lands in your hands and on your bosom it could take up to 18 months. Everything starts with an idea and vision of the bra. Annual fashion shows serve as an inspiration for materials, colours and the styles.  

The designer comes up with an idea of a product and consults with clothing and textile technologists who make sure that all materials will perform according to the specifications. After the materials are confirmed, the designer prepares a drawing based on which a prototype is made. The prototype is measured, re-measured, adjusted. Once this step is done, the grading starts (different sizes are created from the core size). Not all the forms and patterns will be graded for all sizes. Full and plus size busts require often different materials and forms (patterns) to be able to support larger breasts properly. Only when all sizes are tested, the pattern (form) is send for a production. 

Production process can vary to some degree depending on the size of the factory and the technologies used. The production process is a whole different story all together. Stay tuned.




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