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Technical Series - Forms and Materials - What Does It Mean and Why It Matters

December 11, 2016 1 min read

Does size matter ?

It does when it comes to breasts and styles of bras. Full busts need more support than small and medium breasts therefore some styles are better than others to provide that support. Fabrics have to be strong and if they stretch too much they are strengthen by the second layer of the fabric. Larger cup sizes are considered any cup sizes above the size G. 

Fabrics  used in bra production include polyamide, elastane, polyester and cotton.

Polyamide known as nylon was introduced into industries in 1931. It is a strong material which is resistant to heat, easy to wash and it is light in weight. Cups of bra are made usually of this material.

Elastane ( Lycra - a trademark name) or spandex material is very very stretchy. it can be  stretched seven times its length then go back to its original state. It is soft and smooth. It is used in making a bra bands due to its characteristics.

Polyester is a man made product. It is very resilient and dries very quickly. It is a very popular material due to its durability. It is shiny and very often used for bra cups.

Forms and construction differ for full busts (larger than G cup). The best support provide constructions with horizontal and diagonal cuts which help uplift and push the breast together.





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