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Bare Naked Truth Series - The Easy Way To Put On A Bra

April 08, 2017 1 min read

Putting on your bra in 4 easy steps: 

  1. Slip your arms through the shoulder straps.
  2. Bend over and fasten your bra on the last hook. If it is too difficult for you you can put your bra on backwards, attach the clasp where you want it, then turn it around on your torso until the cups are in fronthow to put a bra on first two steps
  3. Do some jiggling. Move your breast tissue from the sides and push toward the middle of  your chest (toward the gore - the bra center). This will ensure containment of the whole breast tissue within the cups. Adjust the wires if necessary (wires have to embrace the whole breast tissue without digging in or going to far in the back which will cause discomfort)
  4. Adjust the bra straps to make sure the bra fits comfortably. The bra straps shouldn't cut into your shoulders and they also should not fall down. The best way is when you can shove two fingers under the strap comfortably. how to put a bra on step 3 and 4

 Check forthe fit and the possible ill fit issues and fixes here  

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