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Bare Naked Truth Series - Bra Mishaps & Fixes

February 21, 2017 3 min read

You cannot wait to try your new purchase : this gorgeous, sexy bra.  Before you check the fit you might want to check our other post that talks about how to easy put your bra on.

Fasten the band on the loosest fastening. A little jiggling, scooping and voila the breasts are in. Next tighten up the straps : 

  • Ouch, the straps dig in, I have dents and red marks on my shoulders. Loosen up the straps, the band should be able to support your breast. If it does not, you need to size down in the band.
  • My straps are falling off my shoulders. Check whether you need to tighten your straps. If adjusting the straps did not work, it means you might need a bra with straps which are closer not as wide. Choose a different bra style.
  • My band rides up on my back. You need a smaller band. Sometimes due to your build the band ends up not being 100% parallel to the ground. Try also adjusting your straps. Band too large
  •  I cannot breath. Help! Size up in the band and remember to go down in the cup size (you might have to size down 1 or 2 cup sizes - check the SizeChart).Be aware of the bras styles. Push ups and some balconettes might fit smaller in the cups.  
  • The center piece does not lie flat. There could be a few reasons for this : the cup is too small (size up in a cup size ), the center piece (the bridge between the cups) is too narrow for your breasts and you require a different style of bra. You might have round, center full breasts that require deeper cups and narrow wires. Try Joanna from the basic collection, it runs deeper in cups (bra construction 809). 
  • I look sexy, finally I have some cleavage, but wait my breasts are overflowing (quad boob effect). You need  a bra with larger cups.Cups to small    
  • My band does not stay in one place. I move and the band moves with me as my breasts escape from the cups. You need to size down in the band and possibly get a bra with a bigger cups.Band to big and cups to small
  • Wires dig in. It hurts. You need either bigger cups or the wires are too wide and you need a bra with narrower wires. Our bras have average to narrow wires, however it could happen that they are still too wide for you. If that is the case contact as at and we will try to help.
  • What is that empty space on the top of the cup and all that wrinkling ? The cup size might be too big or the style might not be appropriate for your breasts. You might want to adjust the straps too see whether it will make a difference. No two breast are the same. You might have to use extra removable padding to fill in the gap on the smaller breast.

Don't let anyone sell you a bra that is not comfortable. In the end you are the wearer. Remember the basics of the well fitted bra :

  • tight band (80% of support comes from the band)
  • wires embrace the breasts and they are not digging into the breast tissue or go to far into the back causing discomfort
  • gore lies flat 
  • there is no spillage of breast tissue on the top or on the sides
  • straps do not fall off your shoulders and do not dig into your skin


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